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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Electronic Cigarettes?

Why Use Electronic Cigarettes?

Making the move to electronic cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco can't really be described as being 'a step' in the right direction - a much more accurate description would be that it's a 'massive leap' forward.

E cigs are considerably cheaper than traditional cigarettes, and when used properly they are much more satisfying and interesting than smoking; yet this doesn't hide the fact that for a complete beginner there's quite a bit to learn and understand when setting out.

This guide is going to address the main questions that people have when taking up vaping, and hopefully serve as a quality introduction to this magnificently fun past time.

How Do E Cigs Work?

How Do E Cigs Work?

Smokers are often wary about putting something that has a live electric current in their mouth, yet that's rather short sighted considering that cigarettes have to be literally on fire for them to work! Electronic cigarettes are thoroughly tested and should only be purchased from a recognised source of supply - and components should not be swapped between various models. That's important because different products depend upon different voltages and batteries - it's always best to stick to products designed to be compatible with your main e cig!

Electronic cigarettes work by a press button operated battery heating an element (often referred to as an atomizer) that warms e-liquid (flavoured e liquid) that in turn produces odourless and swiftly dissipating clouds of vapour. This vapour essentially simulates the 'smoke' produced by a conventional cigarette that when inhaled provides a hit on the back of the throat and a taste derived from flavourings added to the liquid during the manufacturing process.

The liquid itself comes in many varieties of flavour and strength - the strength being the amount of nicotine within the product. Typically the nicotine levels vary from none at all to 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 milligrams but these quantities do vary according to the brand. The amount of nicotine plays no role in the delivery of the flavour itself, and many ex-smokers gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in their e liquid as a means to quitting their addiction. It's worth mentioning that all liquids are not the same quality - some are much poorer quality than others so always look to buy from a reputable brand that has been UK or US tested (most in stores/online are).

Alongside the nicotine the liquid has two other ingredients - Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, both widely used in standard food products and entirely harmless to health.

What Are The Advantages Of Using E-Cigs?

What Are The Advantages Of Using E-Cigs?

There's many advantages of using e cigs but let's start with the biggest of all - health. There is no evidence that e cigs are anything as harmful as tobacco, a plant responsible for millions of deaths each year. Each cigarette contains dozens of proven carcinogens - vaping has precisely zero. Besides it's well known addictive qualities nicotine itself isn't thought to be dangerous in the quantities relayed by smoking - they're simply too small to damage the body. E cigs may not be healthy - but they have not been demonstrably proven to cause physical harm - and must therefore be considered as an excellent alternative to the very real danger of tobacco.

E cigs are almost odourless - they leave no reek upon clothing, body or environment. They do not stain teeth or fingers, damage the health of people nearby or cause physical impairment. One of the most often reported benefits of taking up e cigs instead of tobacco is that in time people feel fitter - their lung capacity improves and it takes more exercise to fall out of breath. Also e cigs can legally be used indoors - although it's good practice to ask permission, and shouldn't be practiced in many public spaces as a general courtesy towards others.

E cigs are also vastly cheaper than cigarettes, which with taxes in the UK are now knocking £8-9 per pack of 20. One week of smoking can afford a very good quality introduction kit that will last for years with proper upkeep. Depending upon the model certain parts will need occasional replacing but these are cheap and easily obtainable. In regards to liquid, it would be difficult to spend more than £5 a week unless vaping around the clock every day - even high-grade liquid is very cheap, especially in bulk. All in after a year of using an e cig a 20/day smoker will literally save thousands of pounds.

Getting Started With Electronic Cigarettes

Getting Started With Electronic Cigarettes

It's a good idea to read up on electronic cigarettes before making the leap, and avoiding a couple of pitfalls on the way. Firstly don't just try before you buy, try a good quality e cig first of all! Buying a cheap throwaway from the cigarette counter really doesn't do true vaping a good service - as usually the products aren't good enough to satisfy an experienced smoker. Aim instead for a decent quality e cig starter package that is accessible, well instructed and easy to use. There's plenty of time for the more complicated stuff later on!

It can take a little getting used to and a quick tip is to remember that vaping isn't quite like having a permanently lit cigarette by your side - indeed this is a common misconception. Sure you can take small draws if you wish, but vape pens are most effective taken as slow, low and long draws for maximum effect - and many of the better brands allow users to switch voltage and performance to match their personal preference.

There's huge amounts of resources online that will demonstrate how to vape 'correctly' and it becomes naturally instinctive in no time at all. If you're new to vaping, take a look at our beginners guide to find out how easy it is to get started.

Will I Save Money By Using E Cigs?

Will I Save Money By Using E Cigs?

This was touched upon earlier but it's worth a little extra because for many people this is yet another incentive for ditching tobacco in favour of vaping. Even occasional or 'social' smokers will save money in no time by taking up vaping. As may have become apparent during this guide there are different 'levels' of vaping that tend to suit different people - but there is no such thing as a 'best' vape, as what works for one person is ultimately all that matters should they be smart enough to have decided to give up tobacco.

The savings for a regular smoker will be astonishing. Before e cigs came onto the scene one of the few ways of giving up smoking that actually encouraged people to quit was putting the money they had saved aside and standing aghast at the sum that so quickly accumulated before them. Smoking is ridiculously expensive - thousands of pounds a year, whereas vaping will cost a tiny fraction of that amount in comparison. Let's consider a realistic example of a 20/day smoker of ten years standing - what need they spend to get set up vaping:

The first stage: This will almost always involve trying out a budget vape pen. These are ok and many people are happy with them, yet provide an important first step in setting out. A basic kit complete with a battery, liquid, clearomizers and charger - £30.

The second stage: Our smoker is getting the hang of vaping and starting to enjoy the benefits of not smelling of smoke so much, and has saved a few quid too. However they need something better for a 'proper' hit now and again that their budget vape pen can't quite muster, so continue to smoke socially. After trying a couple more liquids (£10) they decide to put some of the money saved into buying a quality mid-high ranking tank kit. These cost around £80, and after a couple of days they will probably no longer need cigarettes.

The typical cost of e liquids and occasional spares is £20/month.

For an outlay of just over £100 our smoker is set up and good to go. It will cost £240 per year to maintain a delicious vaping device that is pleasurable and not going to end up killing them. This is just less than it would cost to maintain a 20/day habit for one single month. After a year they will have saved over £2500.

So yes, vaping can save you a huge amount of money!

What Types Of E Cigs Can You Buy?

What Types Of E Cigs Can You Buy?

There are hundreds of different brands and models out there, some resemble small boxes while others strive to look and feel as close to a 'real' cigarette as possible. Some are multi-coloured, others extremely sleek and stylish. However ultimately the variety of e cigs available fall under certain categories:

Cig-Like E Cigs/Disposables

Generally these try the hardest to resemble a tobacco cigarette, and paradoxically are usually the cheapest and worst performing option. As mentioned above these are best skipped in the long run but as a short term try-out they can be worth it for the novelty of inhaling vapour instead of smoke. They are available in disposable and rechargeable varieties - refilled usually with capsules that are simple to remove and replace.


This is where vaping really begins as very few of these devices resemble a cigarette - they look very different and are usually heavier and longer in the hand. These provide a much more satisfying vape for a regular smoker and can be loaded either by cartridge or a slightly more complicated liquid tank. These vape pens are designed to be re-used but batteries, clearomizers, wicks and suchlike will need to be replaced at fairly regular intervals as the components do deteriorate over use. Luckily parts are very affordable.

E Cig Tanks

A step up from most vape pens, these models allow for more control over the voltage that is applied to the heating process, allowing for lower production of vape (battery saving) or higher (battery burning) settings. These are great for day-to-day use as these settings allow for a mellow relaxed vape session as well as they do for a quick invigorating draw when on the go. These models do tend to burn through atomizers quickly on higher settings - but these are inexpensive when bought in packs (typically a months supply for £10 assuming moderate use). They are usually recharged using a USB port and liquids are filled directly into the tank/cartridge.

Box Mods

These more resemble a large lighter than a cigarette and basically combine the power of a mod (huge clouds of vape produced by a powerful battery) into one unit. They are very popular among established vapers who often cite that having the components all integrated into one body makes for an even better tasting and more satisfying vape.


Such models are for the very advanced user and are terms to describe specific functions of the atomizer. They are often customized and personalized to very precise levels and are the epitome of the 'hobbyist' vaper.