What Type Of E-Cig Should I Buy?

We’ve all been there! Making the decision to quit tobacco in favour of vaping is a no brainer, but then there’s the matter of where to begin? It used to be the case that most people would start with a simple cig-a-like model then – if they enjoyed it – …

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What Is The Latest Research On E Cigarettes?

E Cig Research

There’s been some very interesting scientific and social studies taken recently into the vaping phenomena that are well worth taking a look at. So often it seems that any negative study based on the flimsiest sources makes front page news, yet those undertaken by some of the leading universities across …

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What Side Affects Are There With Vaping?

Vaping Side Effects

Like anything we take into our bodies there are some side effects that come alongside vaping. For many people they are relatively benign, for a few they may cause some discomfort, but best of all is that none of them are cancer, heart disease and so on. Here’s a run …

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Do E Cigs Taste Like Cigarettes?

E Cig Taste

This is the million dollar question, the holy oasis of thousands of vaping companies and the headache behind countless teams of e liquid technicians. Given that e liquids contain absolutely no tobacco related ingredients whatsoever, finding a synthetic solution is the only way to deliver a sensation that resembles tobacco. …

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What Is The WHO Stance On E Cigs?

WHO Stance On E Cigs

The WHO really can’t make it’s mind up when it comes to e cigs. On one hand it has been working tirelessly for decades trying to reduce the number of people worldwide who consume and are addicted to tobacco, yet on the other-hand when presented with a demonstrably proven tool …

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