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Do E Cigs Taste Like Cigarettes?

This is the million dollar question, the holy oasis of thousands of vaping companies and the headache behind countless teams of e liquid technicians. Given that e liquids contain absolutely no tobacco related ingredients whatsoever, finding a synthetic solution is the only way to deliver a sensation that resembles tobacco.

Perhaps the best point to start with here is think about all the many other ‘tasting’ products out there, and correspondingly how much they come to resembling the real thing. Let’s take for example a packet of crisps, many of which may come with an animal based flavouring (beef, chicken, prawn etc) yet are 100% vegetarian and suitable even for people with shellfish allergies.

Now if you were blindfolded and asked to name the flavour, you’d likely be able to tell what the crisp resembles (that word again) yet in reality it isn’t quite the same as the real thing. The same principle can be applied to many, many, products – and these companies will have years of experience and spent huge sums concocting these flavours – and that’s as close as they’ve managed so far.

The same can be applied to vaping, and in the sense of a traditional tobacco cigarette you’ll know right away even with the worst e liquid possible that it is a replication of the taste of tobacco. The good news is that e liquids have improved so much over the past few years that now the body of flavour is much better, and indeed there’s countless varieties that try specifically to even recreate the particular scent of specific brands of cigarette.

An interesting caveat here worth noting is that many people find that menthol – added to both tobacco and e liquid – is the best ‘stepping-stone’ towards vaping as it’s such a distinctive yet familiar taste. That’s one of the main reasons why so many specialist companies that focus upon transitional starter packs always have a menthol pack too.

On the plus side e cigs don’t make your clothes, skin and hair smell like cigarettes – so there’s that too!

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