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Jacvapour V1P PCC Kit Review

Jacvapour’s V1P PCC Kit includes all the comprehensive features that anybody would wish for in their electronic cigarette. Although priced towards the lower-middle tier off vape devices, this kit has legions of fans and a loyalty that’s often quite rare given the huge number of manufacturers out there.

Much of this loyalty is ascribed to the excellent quality and ease of use of the product, with a very smooth utterly devoid of any unpleasant burning thanks to the high class cartridges supplied with the kit.

A Quality Vape Ideal For Introductory Or Long Term Vaping

One of the perhaps most apparent reasons behind the success of the Jacvapour V1P PCC Kit is that in terms of weight and dimension it really does simulate a tobacco cigarette. Many fans for Jacvapour tend to – for whatever reason – have been very long term smokers in the past, and it seems to be a favourite brand for those setting out to kick the habit.

The advantage of Jacvapour products is that they are also so intuitive to use – and to be honest it’s not surprise that some smokers are put of vaping when they see the sometimes bizarre looking vape pens and mod boxes out there that have very little resemblance to ‘smoking’ at all.

Instead, Jacvapour products are discreet, natural to draw upon and produce a very satisfactory cloud alongside a hearty kick. There’s no fiddly parts to replace or clean out regularly, likewise you’ll not get any funny looks in the high street either!

Performance & Quality

The flavours of e liquid that come with this starter kit can be selected at checkout and will also allow for the customer to specify what nicotine strength they wish to use in their vape. This is especially important for those users of this product who are in the process of kicking the habit – as usually regular smokers will gradually reduce their nicotine over time. What smokers can be sure of is receiving an excellent substitute vaping experience that will leave them satisfied and – most important of all – tobacco free.

This kit also comes with a variety of chargers and accessories that make the entire package a real delight to use. The batteries can be charged either via convenient USB or portable charger, and there are even bungs that will allow you to choose the colour of the cigarette tip! All in all, it’s a high quality and well configured package that’s a delight to use straight from the box.

The Kit

  • V3i Battery
  • V1P Portable Charging Case
  • USB Back up charger
  • USB Cable (200mm)
  • LED Tip for the batteries
  • 5 Cartomisers
  • 5 Mixed coloured bungs


Testimony alone should be enough to support how high quality a purchase this starter kit is for the very low price that it can now be found available for. Many of the larger mass-market manufacturers gain bad publicity for failing to make improvements on their products – the good news is that Jacvapour have pretty much nailed it at the first time of asking with this set. An all round excellent and reliable choice that offers an ideal way of helping quit out tobacco.


Save 15% on your purchases at Jacvapour. Simply click on the red button below to reveal the coupon code. Enter the code at checkout to redeem your voucher.


Save 15% on your purchases at Jacvapour. Simply click on the red button below to reveal the coupon code. Enter the code at checkout to redeem your voucher.

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