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VaporFi Pro II Review

VaporFi Pro II Review

The VaporFi Pro II manages to pack a lot of quality into a very reasonable price-tag, and would be a solid choice for anyone planning on leaping into vaping and looking to hit the ground running.

VaporFi products are high performance across the board and the Pro II is no exception to this rule – the device is stylish, beautifully balanced, intuitive to use and most importantly of all has a knack of generating pleasing quantities of vapour that’s charged full of flavour.

Performance & General Usability

As a general rule vape pens in this price-range tend to either be very good or pretty disappointing, simply because if one feature isn’t satisfactory it can really let down the entire product. For example a vaporizer might produce masses of vape, yet have a poorly designed tank that tends to leak fluid: the consequence would be burning through lots of e liquid and unpleasant occasional burning. Likewise a device can look great but be under-powered, so not delivering a decent draw and likely wearing out the battery sooner too. Thankfully the VaporFi Pro II manages to dodge such flaws, thanks to being well machined on the outside and intelligently designed on the inside.

With good quality and powerful 3.7V, 650 mAh Pro battery combined with an exceptional1.5 ohm Pro-L II tank you can be sure that this device is going to produce satisfying vape with each and every use. The OCC atomizers are similarly high performance, the only downside being that some users report that they do need changed a little more often than with other vape pens. The plus side is that these are very cheap when bought as a pack, and the difference in performance is extremely apparent when these are used. It’s also worth considering that e liquid presents much better value than cartridges, so those making the upgrade to the Pro II will still continue to save money in the long term too!

The Kit

Everything you need to get up and running, e liquid and additional 1.5mm OCC atomizers sold separately.

  • 650 mAh, 3.7 Volt Battery
  • Pro-L II tank with 1.5 ohm OCC atomizer
  • 3 Additional 1.5 ohm OCC atomizers
  • USB Charger & Wall Adapter
  • Instructions


Magnificent product for the price that it’s now available for that’s likely to become a classic of the VaporFi range. Combines excellent performance with thoughtful design, and a very impressive option for people new to vaping who would like the reassurance of brand quality.


Save 12% on your purchases at Vaporfi. Simply click on the red button below. No discount code required.


Save 12% on your purchases at Vaporfi. Simply click on the red button below. No discount code required.

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