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VaporFI Grand Reserve E-Liquid Review

VaporFi Reserve & Grand Reseve Collection E-Liquid Review

VaporFi are quite rightly considered by (very) many to be the all-round best manufacturers of e liquids going, so like any successful operation it’s only natural that they’ll bring out a special range. Just like a master distiller would produce a ‘special blend’, VaporFi has taken this process very carefully and with a huge amount of pride – they even consulted industry leading chefs in the manufacturing process! But as we all know too many cooks can spoil the broth, so let’s take a look at the VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve and see if they meet the sum of their parts.

VaporFi Reserve

To start with it’s worth qualifying that the Reserve collection is aimed very much at sub-ohm devices that can create (and handle) massive flavours and clouds of vape. That accounted for, the Reserve collection comprises a considerably higher specification of the already excellent ingredients used within the VaporFi range. This is notable in these key ways:

  • Typical VaporFi liquids have up to three ingredients. The Reserve range have more (it’s a secret!).
  • Rather than a 70/30 PG/VG ratio, Reserve comprises of 40/60 respectively.
  • Aged liquids rather than instant mix
  • Glass bottle instead of plastic

The flavours themselves are noticeably deeper and more complex, for example ‘Moroccan Gold’ is a blend of light tobacco alongside coconut, and also ‘Monkey Business’ which combines custard with banana. The result is a confident, emphatic and extremely refreshing finish across the board. You can really tell that a huge amount of effort has gone into these, with the impression that one way or another these are end result of an experienced liquid mixer’s personal pet projects.

VaporFi Grand Reserve

The Grand Reserve collection comprises of six flavours that read like the vaping equivalent of fine dining, each with their own tasting notes. ‘Champagne Infused Blueberries With A Lime Twist’ anyone? Alongside the features listed above for the Reserve collection, these e liquids have an even greater 30/70 PG/VG ratio with consequently even more full bodied flavour that absolutely demands sub-ohm specifications.

It’s fair to say that the Grand Reserve selection ought to be treated much like a dessert – the flavours are rich and sweet without the slightly deeper undertones that are more noticeable with the Reserve collection. This may make them a little too much for those more used to tobacco based flavours, but for those who like to indulge in the sweeter things in life they are quite simply magnificent.

For both the Reserve and Grand Reserve collections it’s also worth pointing out that these super-premium e liquids are extremely price competitive compared to their peers. To an extent this has to be taken as part of VaporFi’s universal policy of delivering quality across the board at excellent value, and it was within their power to have taken the price range for these products considerably higher – especially when they have such a large fan base. It’s an appreciable quality that adds only further to their predominance, and most certainly an example that is refreshing in such a competitive market.


“Truly special e liquids that deserve the quality of devices necessary to enjoy them at their maximum quality. After all you wouldn’t drink an 18 year old single malt out of a plastic cup!”.


Save 12% on your purchases at Vaporfi. Simply click on the red button below. No discount code required.


Save 12% on your purchases at Vaporfi. Simply click on the red button below. No discount code required.

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