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VaporFI Standard E-Liquid Review

VaporFi Standard E-Liquid Review

There’s 30,000 flavours to get through with this review, so this may take a while…. No joke – VaporFi offer a unique potential range (through flavour combinations) that is pretty untouchable, and fact of the matter is that there’s no way anyone could seriously get through that quantity in a single lifetime. So while that’s alone an extremely impressive feature, here we’ll take a step back and look at VaporFi from a more performance related angle.

Now that chestnut is out the way, fact of the matter is that VaporFi also happen to be really good at making e liquids too. As would be expected from a company of their impressive reputation, their e liquids are all made from domestic ingredients that have passed every test with flying colours.

Where they stand out though is that through their manufacturing process, the ingredients (remember most are designed to be food based) have been adjusted to be specifically focused upon inhalation. This isn’t entirely unique among e liquid manufacturers, but the resulting quality is absolutely superb. It’s worth also noting that the ingredients used are genuinely the best going – all technically calibrated specifically towards the vape.

The proof however is always in the pudding and fact of the matter is that whichever varient of flavour was tried the end result was brilliant. There’s tobacco, menthol, fruit, dessert and ‘special’ subheadings for the massive assortment, and each one seemed like it had somehow been worked upon by a thousand strong team for thirty years. Not only is the variety and quality of flavours astonishing, VaporFi also allow for people to select either a 70/30 or 50/50 PG/VG ratio and their nicotine levels stretch all the way up to a gob-smacking 36mg!

All high-end e-liquid manufacturers have their loyal sets of fans, but it’s worth pointing out that VaporFi is consistently top-rated by a huge number of people. If we think about it, that’s a lot of people each trying their own flavour combination – there’s no single ‘go to’ flavour choice that’s ahead of it’s peers. They are all consistently excellent, and really that’s quite an amazing service.


“Untouchable variety of choices delivered with consistent excellence, VaporFi is spearheading the process of taking elite vaping to a new level – a must try”.


Save 12% on your purchases at Vaporfi. Simply click on the red button below. No discount code required.


Save 12% on your purchases at Vaporfi. Simply click on the red button below. No discount code required.

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