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Best E Cig UK

What Is The Best E Cig In The UK?

Even over just the last couple of years vaping has come a long way in the UK, and largely this has been thanks to the growing popularity and accessibility of top of the line e cig/vape kits. It’s been good to see because rather than being regarded as something to replace traditional smoking, vaping has now superseded this and instead become a pursuit of its own making. Each new premium e cig tries – and has – to offer a demanding UK public something better, smoother, more satisfying than the norm. So pound-for-pound what is the best e cig available in the UK in 2015?

Understanding The Opposition

There’s hundreds of companies out there selling vaping products, ranging from throwaway supermarket throat-burners to super-elite multipurpose kits more expensive than an equivalent electric shaver. In-between there’s the overwhelming majority of decent quality, middle range products that serve as the vanguard of the 3 million strong vaping community. All quite rightly happy with their product – even though it isn’t ‘the best’.

How Do You Measure The Best?

Elite vaping is just like anything elite in any other pursuit – there’s a big bump in price for a noticeable improvement in quality and performance, something that lifts the product into its own special place! Measuring the best e cig must therefore also place quite a large amount of significance on the price/performance ratio, as a truly great product must also be accessible and affordable as a special purchase to as wide a range of people as possible.

Who Are The Contenders?

V2 Pro Series 7
The V2 Pro Series 7

Taking aggregate reviews from experts and the public alike, while also factoring in sales and accessibility to the market, the decision ultimately must come down to between two key contenders.

Both the V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer and the Ploom PAX 2 Vaporizer are the way things are moving with high end vape devices. Both are super-high performance, multi-purpose e cigs that can burn blends, oils and juice to superb quality. Likewise they look similar, have a nice balance to hold and are efficient in terms of cleaning, charging, battery life and overall reliability.

So Which Is Better?

These products are extremely comparable – they even look nearly identical so it would be nit-picking to single one out for a minor differential or anecdotal experience. Instead the only way to really separate them comes down to price.

The V2 Pro Series 7 is generally at least 25-30% cheaper than the Ploom VAX, sometimes even a little more and as mentioned price has to be a major factor in determining which e cig deserves to be the champion of 2015. Winners set trends and if that happens to be a fantastic quality, elite product becoming cheaper and more accessible to the mass market, then that’s something your reviewer will be very happy to see indeed.

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