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Best Vapouriser Pen

What Is The Best Vaporizer Pen?

When deciding which is the best vape pen currently available in the UK, it’s important to qualify exactly what we’re looking for. Of course, we need a device that is equally comfortable and highly effective when used with liquid, cartridge or leaf, but also capable of being highly configured to satisfy personal tastes. After all some people may prefer their vape set to a lower temperature, others the opposite. Likewise it helps for the pen to be comfortable to use, simple to adjust settings, easy to fill and clean, and also with a very long battery life that will ensure many years of dutiful service.

Until recently the best all-round vape pen was without question the V2 Pro Series 3 that took multiple-use all in one vaping in the UK to an entirely new level. Now its younger brother – the V2 Pro Series 7 has been released and quite simply it’s taken a winning formula and made it even better!

What Makes The V2 Pro Series 7 The Best?

The fairest way to sum up why this is the best vape pen on the UK market is to compare what it has ahead of its nearest rival. It’d be unfair to directly compare to the Series 3 (even though that’s still my personal second choice) – after all this is a model up – so in the sense of good competition let’s compare it with the still very good PAX Vapourizer.

As mentioned at the top of this review temperature settings and preferences vary considerably between users, and it helps to have as broad a range of setting as possible. The flexibility of such settings and ease to adjust them will be the next big thing in distinguishing vape pens between the good to the elite.

The Series 7 blows the PAX vapourizer away here. Its manual range varies between 390F and 455F compared to the 370F and 410F offered by VAX, which is important because the higher maximum temperature will deliver an absolutely astonishingly powerful experience! Also the temperature can easily be flipped by pressing an external button – with VAX the entire mouthpiece needs to be removed to change settings.

The little things really do mount up and the Series 7 has been designed for utmost functionality and practicality. Unlike the PAX Vapourizer it allows for:

  • Total lock-ability to prevent accidental and potentially dangerous use.
  • Super quick cleaning.
  • USB Charging – extremely useful when on the move!
  • Prime heating up – typically sub 30 seconds to meet desired temperature.

It may be a little heavier and longer but the Series 7 is a vape pen for the serious user! It needs a little extra on the edges to allow for a larger battery and capacity, a small trade off for the market leading experience that it offers.

The Series 7 is an ideal choice for those looking to enter the realms of elite vaping, as not only is it hands down the best product going but it is also very reasonably priced compared to less effective and dearer rivals! For the outlay you’ll receive an outstanding vape pen that will last for many years of happy vaping!

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