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What Type Of E-Cig Should I Buy?

We’ve all been there! Making the decision to quit tobacco in favour of vaping is a no brainer, but then there’s the matter of where to begin? It used to be the case that most people would start with a simple cig-a-like model then – if they enjoyed it – move up to superior models. But that’s not quite the case nowadays.

Given that vaping is now so mainstream and accessible, most people choose instead to begin with something a little higher up the spectrum. It’s not the case for everyone of course, but often people ‘try before they buy’ either through a friend or a vape shop – and realize that the middle range products are the best place to start.

There’s still room for the starter kits, their quality has seriously improved – but then so have the vape pens. Plenty of people are even going in with the more premium models which have dropped in price a good quarter over the past year. Here’s a quick run through of the key advantages each style of e-cig has to offer.

Starter Kit/Cig-A-Likes

Once slightly maligned, good quality versions of these super simple e-cigs can now offer just as good a vape as pen editions. The advantage, of course, is value. Often these kits will come with enough spare cartridges, sometimes two or even three batteries and chargers – everything required to get up and vaping.

On the downside, they are usually limited in choice to cartridges supplied by the manufacturer. A few provide refillable empties that can be used with any e-liquid, but this is only an issue if you’re unlucky enough not to like any of the flavours supplied. Usually, they’re delicious and very good value.

Vape Pens

These come in all sizes and price point. Some are a literally disposable standard which can be picked up for a few pounds, others can perform as well as a box mod. Generally one of these brands is where people pick up from nowadays and they do vary enormously in quality so check plenty of reviews first. Ideally, try before you buy in a local vape shop.

Box Mods are becoming an increasingly popular choice in 2017.

A good vape pen is a work of art but doremember they need regular replacement clearomizers and on high-temperature settings can get through e-liquid very fast. But again it varies between manufacturer!

Box Mods

Now one of the most popular choices especially for people looking to completely quit nicotine, box mods can be as easy or difficult to use as you like! Basic models deliver much more power than an equivalentvape pen, but they can rip through e-liquid when on high-performance settings.

The downside is that entry level boxes still often need replacement parts and they may feel unusual to a reforming smoker. Generally, the high VG e-liquid which most people use with these devices is low nicotine and delivers little ‘kick’ and less flavour. These are designed for cloud production which can be even more enjoyable though!

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