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E Cig Starter Kit

What’s The Best E Cig Starter Kit?

Like starting out in any new pursuit that requires a purchase there’s always that tricky question of how much ought you spend (re: commit) when starting out? If vaping turns out to be a long term solution, it seems pointless to buy a cheap and poor quality device to start with as not only will they give a poor impression and low satisfaction, they’ll be a waste as you feel the need to upgrade anyway. On the flip side buying a premium kit might be a case of too-much-too-soon as they can be quite daunting and include features that general users may not need.

Indeed this is an important consideration for many people when they choose to pick up their first e cig. To make the transition as natural as possible it’s important that the device feels and acts like a traditional cigarette – namely next to no maintenance, always reliable, great and consistent taste and above all a truly satisfying hit of vapour.

Liquid tank kits aren’t always the best first step into the world of vaping, as they can be fiddly to learn to use and maintain, a process that at times is nearly as frustrating as it is ultimately rewarding. This is why premium e cigarettes that use cartridges are often a better first purchase, as they are 100% reliable, don’t leak, taste fantastic and function just like a tobacco cigarette. There’s no ‘charging the coil’ or flushing the tank – they simply pick up and go without any hassle. This is why the V2 EX Starter Kit from renowned manufacturer V2 is the best option out there for cost, reward and ease of use.

The V2 Cigs EX Starter Kit

When it comes to cartridge delivered vapour this product stands head and shoulders clear of the opposition as it currently stands. In recent years, the move towards e-liquid vaping products has been a trend set largely due to the old style cartridges quite simply not being very good! Modern cartridges such as those from V2 are many times an improvement and utterly comparable to tank based systems, and come without the mess and hassle too.

The V2 EX is a delight to use thanks mainly to the quality and consistency of the cartridges themselves. They come in a range of flavours and levels of nicotine that can be swapped and changed as desired (no coils to change or tanks to wash etc). Also the batteries are available by longevity too – measured by the number of standard ‘puffs’ (a long inhale to you and me) ranging from 160-300.

As would be expected from a premium starter kit this package contains everything you need to get up and running, including 2 V2 EX batteries, 5 EX flavour cartridges, wall adapter, smart charger and instructions.

For an introduction to high quality and accessible vaping it’s the best in the business for price, quality and all round practicality.

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